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Hermetica is a basic PDF library catalog app.  



Following is a simple usage-description of Hermetica and how to start an eBooks catalog.

1. Startup
When Hermetica starts you see a simple blank application window, as shown here.

Figure 1. Empty Hermetica application

2. Loading Data
The first thing you need to do is import some data into the application by dragging a files or folders into the application: Hermetica detects PDF documents loads the data into the application.

Hermetica then searches each PDF document to find the an image; the image is then choosen as the thumbnail for the book. However, the thumbnail can be changed, as seen in the next section

Figure 2 Hermetica loads files dropped onto the app surface

3. Selecting Thumbnails
The default Thumbnail for each book is not always the best choice.
Open the context menu on the browser list on in the Right-Hand panel. 

And select Related Image Search. Hermetica then queries Google Images for images matching terms found in the the PDF title.

The potential matches appear in the bottom panel. Now, using the context menu, an appropriate image for the PDF title can be selected and chosen as the Thumbnail for the book.

Figure 3. The Google Image API supplies Thumnail images to select.

4. Saving the Library
When a collection of PDF files has been cataloged, the Library must be explicitly saved to disk, by selecting save from the file menu.

The next time Hermetica starts up, it will load by default the last-Library-saved-to-disk.

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